Printables for all occasions are available for little or no cost, but the price of ink and paper from your own printer. Are you planning a Christmas party? You can print custom invitations and envelopes, wrapping paper and gift tags. For party decorations, you can print napkin rings, niche cards, banners, garlands, party supplies and gift bags. Many decorative motifs available on a printable invitation or coloring drawing can be adapted to a centerpiece by mounting them on poles and adding other traditional elements such as fresh or dried flowers, branches, leaves, fruits, sweets , ribbons or many other elements. Printable games such as bingo, puzzles and activity sheets can also be icebreakers.

Do you like crafts? Scrapbooking is one of the main forms of craftsmanship today. On the Internet, you can find printable scrapbooking supplies in the form of free printable pages of backgrounds, borders, frames, alphabets, journaling aids, diecuts and cliparts. Be sure to load your printer with acid-free paper and you’re about to add all sorts of creative and colorful embellishments to your holiday scrapbooking pages or anytime.

Kids love going into any holiday mood with printables designed specifically for kids. Coloring pages are the easiest and most prolific holidays to print for kids. They are available by the hundreds in almost all topics of interest that are of interest to children, in addition to holidays: animals, cartoon characters, fantasy, space, dinosaurs, transportation, seasons and educational themes like learning their alphabet. Coloring pages for children can become a greeting card, a gift or even a gift box or ornament. Kids love to decorate their windows for the holidays, so you can try the following craft. Print a coloring page and have your child color it with markers. Brush the page lightly with vegetable oil and dab with a paper towel. Tape the photo inside a homemade construction paper frame and hang in a sunny window. This treatment gives the coloring page a translucent “stained window” quality.