There are educational dinosaur coloring pages to learn about dinosaurs or to learn the alphabet. What color do you think a Triceratops was? What about Parasaurolophus? Paleontologists are still learning what color dinosaurs are so you can make them as you please!

There are pages based on TV shows and movies like Dinosaur Train, Diego, Ice Age 3, Land Before Time and Dinosaur King. Do you want to color Buddy and Tiny? What about Diego and Maia the Maiasaura. And do not forget Littlefoot.

Our favorites are a special collection of free coloring pages for the dinosaurs of Paul Stickland, author of the Toddlers Book, Dinosaur Roar! These dinosaurs are full of character and are a huge success here.

For young digital artists, dino’s online painting programs where you can paint prehistoric scenes are a fantastic treat. Create an image of the Jurassic era! It is an excellent activity for children.

You can also buy coloring books and activities to buy with the dino. These are perfect for a birthday, Christmas gifts or treats on rainy days. You can get a dinosaur t-shirt with washable markers and create your own design over and over. The prehistoric posters colored by your child are also very funny. There’s even a big dinosaur puzzle to color – our kids love puzzles and coloring, so it’s a great idea.