People who are considering art or discover that they have a potential or interest in learning to draw and color find that this new interest in leisure helps them and builds self-confidence to advance their artistic training.

The first book we bought contained 39 images of mandala drawings. A small box of basic color pencils began our adventure. We worked with primary colors red, orange, blue, green and purple. black, white and some other shades that were in the little box. The first stage of departure began with the techniques of our elementary school years. The instructions included the color wheel that we started to pay attention to after we tired of the basic colors.

The simple act of coloring is the beginning of acquiring knowledge about hues with personal experiences of memories and trial and error. As you follow the cold and warm color suggestions, you begin to understand how colors contrast or complement one another. The emotional benefits of tranquility and immediate rewards encourage learning.

Mandala designs, which are circles filled with geometric patterns, change their appearance depending on the colors selected. There may be three people to color and each of them will have a different kaleidoscopic vision because of the color choices made by each person.